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TECNO PLASTIKA d.o.o. is riceantly established company for sales of machines and equipment for plastic manufacturing and representation of famous Italian companies for south-east European region. In behalf of these companies we offer after-sale service, advising in techonology of plastic manufacturing, raw materials and regenerated material sales. Responsable for states of south-east European region, TECNO PLASTIKA d.o.o. can provide the fastest and best information about all companies in representation and in same time will help the clients to enter in the data base of the machine producers in italy.

We are a member of TECNOVA S.r.L. sales group, which is one of the greatest world companies for production of machines for regeneration of plastic materials. TECNOVA S.r.L. initiated the establishment of this company fiew years year ago, as a part of a big marketing project of offering machines of very economic prices for the clients from countries in transition process.

TECNO PLASTIKA d.o.o. represents the following companies:

- TECNOVA S.r.L. (Oleggio), production of machines for regeneration of plastic materials, extrusion of profiles and rubber

- REG MAC S.r.L.(Varese), production of machines for plastic materials washing and preparation for regeneration

- LORANDI SILOS S.p.A. (Brescia), produciton of silos, separation and filtration elements

- BRUNO FOLCIERI S.n.C. (Volongo), production of grinders for plastic materials

- BINOVA S.r.L. (Novara), production of coextrusion and compaund lines

- O.M.G.M. s.a.s. (Varese), production of machines for monofilaments and finalisation of PET and PP regenerated material.

- NOSELAB ATS (Nova Milanese), production of testing, measurment and control instruments for printing and plastic industry.

One of the development directions of TECNO PLASTIKA d.o.o. company is enviroment protection and enviroment cleaning, establishing a center for recycling of plastic waste. Until that moment, TECNO PLASTIKA d.o.o. is going to be included in realization of the enviroment protection programs with large Serbian companies which are in the fase of those kind of programs implementation. Cooperation with big companies already had for result implementation of successful arangements with mutual satisfaction.

Current activities are pointed on making complete projects for group centers for colecting urban and industrial waste, which can be easily advanced building recycling facilities on the same place. All projects will be made according the highest demands of EU standards for enviroment protection as well as all particularities considering the laws in Republic of Serbia.





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