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O.M.G.M. s.a.s is an Italian private company specialized in design and manufacture of machines, components and industrial implants.

The company was established in Garbagnate Milanese in 1965. At that time the charter members, all specialized in mechanics and with long experience in textiles, start producing roll-up and winding machines in order to complete the extrusion implants for polylephynic yarns. The vicinity to the Varese area, and especially to that territorial triangle which may be considered as the cradle and tradition for the companies working in design and manufacture of plastic materials machines and implants, brings the new Company to increase the manufacture and design of machines and accessories for completing the already wide range of products. Since it’s foundation, the Company has been partner and supplier both for direct clients and implant manufacturers, and has developed and refined over the time a work method based on availability which is part of the service provided to the clients. This work method has always been transmitted both to internal and external collaborators. Current operational headquarter is located in Caronno Pertusella, town within the province of Varese, close to the city of Milan. The building, including offices and production plant, spreads over an area of 2000 sqm. The Company is structured, in its own small way, to be independent and complete in order to receive clients’ requests and realize them internally, guaranteeing, at the same time, a high level of security and privacy. The Company owners personally take care of direction and contact with clients, and also supervise machines and accessories design. The manufacture of the machines’ details and structures, is partly done by the internal shop and partly by external shops of trust. An external partner company designs and realizes the development of electrical and software implants guaranteeing continuity of service and customer care. Our internal specialized personnel are always in charge of carrying out the assembly of groups and the machines final test. The personnel in charge of tests operate at the end customer, if customer care is required. The whole OMGM production is designed and realized complying with the EEC regulations.


Embossing system
Embossing system
Embossing reels
Embossing reels



Extrusion machines and implants with final collection of

the continuous polylephynic yarns for:

MONO series

- HDPE, PP, PET technical single-yarn, for meshes, antihail protections, ropes, brushes and brooms;

- PA66 special technical single-yarn, for special yarns with diameter from 0,06 mm. to 0,30 mm.;

- HDPE special single-yarn for synthetic grass.

TAPE series

- PP and HDPE raffia stripes for textiles in geo textile fabric, sacks, synthetic grass;

- PP raffia stripes for the production of farm string, rope and twisted thread.

STRAP series

- PP and PET strap stripes from spinneret and from plate for packaging strap.


Winding machines, winders and unwinders for:

- Collecting the single-yarn on biconic cops and DIN cops;

- Collecting the single-yarn on DIN cops;

- Collecting textile raffia stripes, cylindrical packaging and with precision squaring;

- Collecting raffia strings and ropes, multi-thread, in cylindrical packaging and with precision squaring;

- Collecting packaging strap stripes in precision cylindrical packaging;

- Winders for flat film superimposed with cardboard support;

- Collecting steel stripes in cylindrical packaging and with precision squaring;

- Double-bobbin continuous unwinder for film and unwoven fabric.


Printing groups with 1, 2, 3 colors for PP and PET strap stripes on line and off line.

Die press for T-shirt shaping.

Machines and equipment for sleeve labels and IML labels.

- Sleeve cutters;

- Pre-cutting machine for stretch sleeve;

- Sleeve machine for PVC and PE films.


Shrink groups, air and water ovens, accessories for extrusion equipment

- Shrink groups and roll stabilization, normal and thermo regulated;

- Treatment tanks and roll stabilization;

- Shrink ovens and hot water and steam stabilization;

- Shrink ovens and hot air stabilization.



O.M.G.M. s.a.s. 

Via Magellano, 86

21042 Caronno Pertusella (VA) - ITALIA

Tel. +39 029 658 851    Fax. +39 029 658 852


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